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Disney Galaxy's

  This is not an official disney site,
all pics are property of disney
Updated 4/26/01

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The popularity of Disney Beanies,
is spreading like wild fire.
But some are confused,
as to how to acquire.
Unlike Mickey,
we don't have crystal balls,
But this may help,
So you know who to call.

Disney Store Online


Guest Services Order Desk at Walt Disney World
Call 407-363-6200 

 Disneyland DelivEars
Call 1-800-760-3566
This number will also give you a pre-recorded message 
as to
who they will be taking pre-orders on. 
Club Disney
West Covina (626)331-8340
Thousand Oaks (805)497-6081
Open 10-7 Pacific Time  

Euro Disney
011 331 6474 4430
7 hours ahead of U.S. Open til 6
$7.00 ea + shipping and customs charges
 They will answer in French but do speak English

Now the Disney Beanbags
Are somewhat easier to find.
But figuring out all the versions,
Takes an Einstein.
I've tried to SIMPILIFY,
for those of us who are not Columbo.
I just want to know if,
Timothy the mouse, was on Dumbo.
So I've made a list,
By the films the were in.
This way my patience,
Doesn't wear so thin.

U.S. Releases
In the next week or so. There will be a Cobalt Blue Mickey MBBP, Summer Fun Tigger MBBP (might be the same as the Japanese Release) Teacher Piglet, Gemini Pooh and 4th of July Pluto.
 (NOT Goofy)
My Disney store said Gemini Pooh should be here Fri 4/27 

UK Releases
1st May
Head Chef Pooh
Sous Chef Tigger.

8th May
Commis Chef Piglet
Pastry Chef Eeyore

Spring Chick Pooh
Surfer Pooh, Surfer Piglet and Surfer Tigger

New Japan Releases 4/25
Surfer Pooh, Surfer Piglet and Surfer Tigger

Cuddly Mini Bean Bags at

You want some more info
on your favorite Disney toys,
Here are some places,
I'm sure you'll enjoy.
If the various versions,
don't give you a fright
Check out these,

There are probably a bazillion
Disney and MBBP Sites out there
but David's and Sue's is a MUST see.
They have sketched all of our favorite
Pooh and Tigger Bean Bags

Pictures here a thumbnails click on Pooh Pictures
Or the Tigger page to go to their sites

Pooh Pictures

dreamdrth.gif (12589 bytes)  jesterpoohthumb.gif (14070 bytes)

The Tigger Page

OTiggTN.gif (23781 bytes)       BikerTN.gif (30434 bytes)

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