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(O) Original 13
(00/00) Released Date
(00/00) Retired Date
Pictures You Can Find On This Site
- Australia Exclusive
CAT- Catalog Exclusive
CD- Club Disney Exclusive
DC- Disneyana Convention Exclusive
DTF- Hawaii Duty Free Store Exclusive
DQ- Disney Quest Exclusive
HK- Hong Kong Exclusive
JPN- Japan Exclusive
Paris-Disneyland Paris Exclusive
UK-United Kingdom/Europe Exclusive
WDW- Walt Disney World Exclusive

Mickey Mouse 

Mickey Mouse
.Mickey (O)(6/98)
15th Anniversary Jester (3/99)(JPN)
70th Ann Cowbot Mickey (JPN)
753 Kimono Mickey 2000(JPN)
753 Kimono Mickey 2000(JPN)
Adventurer Mickey (DL)
 Adventureland Mickey (Paris)
Anthony Mickey (UK).
 Artic Mickey (UK)
Astronaut Mickey  (8/00)(UK)
Band Mickey (WDW)
Bathfloater Mickey (UK)
Beach Party Mickey (UK).
  Beefeater Mickey (5/99) (UK)(DS)
Boogie Board Mickey
Brave Little Taylor Mickey 2000 (WDW)
Candlelight Mickey 2000 (DL)
Chef CD Mickey (CD)
Chef Mickey (WDW)
Classic30's Mickey (JPN)
   Later released in DS
Club Disney Mickey (CD)
Coca-Cola Mickey (UK)
Cowboy Mickey Frontierland (DL/WDW)
Conductor Mickey (Paris)
Construction Mickey (DL)
Dapper Dan Mickey (DL)
Director Mickey (WDW)
Disco Mickey (JPN)
Disney Quest Mickey (DQ)
Diver Mickey (WDW)
DJ Mickey (JPN)
Emperor Mickey (UK)
Engineer Mickey(2/01)(DL)
England Mickey (WDW)
Evergreen Mickey (UK)
Exotic Mickey (UK)
Fantasyland Mickey (Paris)
Fireman Mickey (WDW)
Flower Power Mickey(WDW)
Fragrant Mickey(JPN)
Frenchman Mickey (5/99)(UK)
Futuristic Mickey 2000(WDW)
Globe Trotting Russian Mickey (CAT)
Globe Trotting Japanese Mickey(CAT)
Globe Trotting Egyptian Mickey(CAT)
Globe Trotting French Mickey (CAT)
Globe Trotting German Mickey (CAT)
Globe Trotting Mexican Mickey(CAT)
Globe Trotting Scottish Mickey (CAT)
Groom Mickey (UK)(DS)
Happy Beach Mickey(5/00)(UK)
Highlander Mickey (UK)
Hippie Mickey (2/01)
Indian Mickey (8/00)(Paris)
Imp Mickey (Paris)
King Arthur Mickey (UK)
Kimono Mickey (JPN)
Kimono Mickey w/Kitty 4 colors(JPN)
Kimono Mickey w/Rabbit 2 colors(JPN)
Letterman Mickey (CAT)
Main Street Mickey (Paris)
Majestic Mickey (CAT)
Mardi Gras Mickey (CAT)
Mickey as Goofy (CAT)
Mickey Loyal(Paris)(4/01)
Monochrome Mickey (JPN)
Mouse Club Mickey 2000(WDW)
Navigator Mickey (DQ)
Pair Look Mickey (JPN)
Palace Guard Mickey (4/99)(UK)(DS)
Park Costume Mickey 2000 (WDW)
Pie Eyed Mickey (DS)
Pie Eyed Mickey 2000(WDW)
Pilot Mickey (7/98)
Pirate Mickey (DS) (DL/WDW)
Plastic Eye Mickey (WDW)
Policeman Mickey (5/99)(UK)(DS)
Retro Mickey(JPN)
Robin Hood Mickey(2/01)(UK)
Romeo Mickey (2/00)
Safari Mickey (Disney On Ice)
Ship-Wrecked Mickey(DTS)
Spaceman Mickey(DS)-
   Tomorrowland Mickey  8/98   (12/98)
"Spirit of Mickey"Mickey (4/98)
.Steamboat Willie (UK)(CAT)
Steamboat Willie 2000 (WDW)
Summer Kimono Mickey 2000(JPN)
Swimwear Mickey (UK)
Toga Mickey (7/98)
Tour Guide Mickey
Tourist Mickey (7/98)
Tuxedo Mickey 2000(WDW)
USA Mickey(UK)(WDW)
Victorian Mickey (8/00)(WDW)
Yukata Mickey (JPN)

Sports Mickeys 
Baseball Mickey (5/99)
  Basketball Mickey (11/99)
  Football Mickey (9/99)
  Golfer Mickey (3/00)
  Hockey Mickey (10/99)
  Racing Mickey(4/00)
  Referee Mickey  (5/99)
Ski Mickey (1/00)
  Snowboard Mickey
Soccer Mickey Red (6/99)
  Soccer Mickey (Blue)(UK)
Tennis Mickey (4/00)

  70th Ann.Set
Mickey Through the Years (8/98

Steamboat Willie
Sorceror Mickey
Pie-eyed Mickey
Brave little Tailor

Classic Comic Bean Bag Set (10/99)
Mr Slicker
Ruffhouse Rat
Uncle Mortimer


All Star Music (WDW)
All Star Sports (WDW)
Boardwalk (WDW)
Caribbean Beach (WDW)
Contemporary (WDW)
Coronado Springs (WDW)
Disneyland Hotel (DL)
Dixie Landings (WDW)
Fort Wilderness(WDW)
Grand Floridian (WDW)
Hiltonhead Hotel Mickey (WDW)
Institute Hotel Mickey (WDW)
Old Key West (WDW)
Pacific Hotel (DL)
Polynesian Resort (WDW)
Port Orleans (WDW)
Resort Mickey (JPN)
South Coast Plaza Mickey
Vero Beach Hotel Mickey(WDW)
Wilderness Lodge (WDW)
Winter Resort Mickey (JPN)
Yacht Club (WDW)

Cast Member/ Exclusives 
Cast Member Mickey
Cast Member Mickey(JPN)
Company D CM Mickey (WDW)
Omaha Mickey
UK Cast Member DS Shirt Mickey (UK)

Holiday Editions 
2000 Chinese NY Mickey (HK)
Bob Cratchit Mickey (10/99)
Chinese New Year Mickey (HK)
Christmas Jester Mickey (JPN)
Christmas Jester Mickey 1999(JPN)
Dreidel Mickey '99 (10/99)
Easter Best Mickey (WDW)
Father Christmas Mickey (DL)
Grad-Nite Mickey (5/98)(DL)
Graduation Mickey (5/98)(WDW)
Graduation 2000 Mickey (5/00)(WDW)
Graduation 2000 Mickey (5/00)(DL)
Graduation Mickey 2001 (WDW)
Hanukkah Mickey 2000
Happy New Year Mickey2000(WDW)
Holiday Mickey, 1999 (WDW)
Independence Day Mickey
Imp Mickey (Paris)
New Year Mickey 2001 (9/00)(WDW)
Nutcracker Mickey (10/98)
Paul Revere Mickey (5/00)
Paul Revere Mickey 2000 (DL)
Pilgrim Mickey (8/00)(WDW)
Santa Mickey  (10/97)
Santa Mickey 1999 (WDW)
Santa Mickey 2000 (JPN)(UK)
Scarecrow Mickey(8/98)(WDW/CAT)
St Patrick Kiss Me Mickey(2/01)
Valentine Mickey(1/98)
Valentine Mickey 2000 (WDW)
Valentine Sweetheart Mickey 2001(WDW)
Vampire Mickey (Paris)

Limited Editions
Blues Mickey (Chicago)
Cruise Mickey(Disney Wonder Cruise)
Father Christmas Mickey (DL)
New Jersey Mickey
Ohio Mickey
Oklahoma Mickey
Omaha Mickey
Passholder Mickey (DL)
Safari Mickey (DC)
Sailor Mickey(Beanie Mania Cruise)

Minnie Mouse 

Minnie Mouse 
.Minnie (O)
15th Anniversary
753 Kimono Minnie 2000 (JPN)
753 Kimono Minnie 2001 (JPN)
Artic Minnie (UK)
Asian Minnie (Paris)
Astronaut Minnie (8/00)(UK)
Ballerina Minnie(CAT)
Band Minnie (WDW)
Baseball Minnie (WDW)
Bathfloater Minnie (UK)
Beach Party Minnie (UK)
Bride Minnie
Cheerleader Minnie
Classic 30's Minnie (JPN) 
   later in Disney Stores 
Cleopatra Minnie (UK)
Clown Minnie(Paris)(4/01)
Club Disney Minnie (CD)
Cowgirl Minnie Frontierland (DL/WDW)
Dapper Dan Minnie (DL)
Disco Minnie (JPN)
.Disney Quest Minnie(DQ)
DJ Minnie (JPN)
Empress Minnie (UK)
Evergreen Minnie (UJ)
Exotic Minnie (UK)
Fairy Minnie (UK)
Flower Power Minnie
Globe Trotting Russian Minnie (CAT)
Globe Trotting Japanese Minnie(CAT)
Globe Trotting Egyptian Minnie(CAT)
Globe Trotting German Minnie (CAT)
Globe Trotting Mexican Minnie (CAT)
Globe Trotting Scottish Minnie (CAT)
Golf Minnie(3/00)
Highlander Minnie (UK)
Hippie Minnie(2/01)
Happy Beach Minnie (5/00)(UK)
Hula Minnie (7/98)
Independence Day Minnie(WDW)
Indian Minnie (8/00)(Paris)
Japan Minnie (WDW)
Juliet Minnie
Kimono Minnie (JPN)
Kimono Minnie w/Kitty 4 colors(JPN)
Kimono Minnie w/Rabbit 2 colors(JPN)
Letterman Minnie (CAT)
Liberty Minnie (7/98)
Maid Marion Minnie(UK)(2/01) 
Majestic Minnie (CAT)
Mardi Gras Minnie (CAT)
Minnie Ball
Monochrome Minnie (JPN)
Navigator Minnie (DQ)
Nightwear Minnie (UK)
Pair Look Minnie (Tokyo)
Pie Eyed Minnie
Pirate Minnie(DL)
Plastic Eye Minnie(WDW)
Princess Minnie (6/99)
Queen Guinevere Minnie (UK)
Resort Minnie (Toyko)
Ski Minnie (UK)
Spacewoman Minnie(DS)
      Tomorrowland Minnie   8/98 (12/98)
"Spirit of Mickey" Minnie (4/98)
Summer Kimono Minnie (JPN)
Swimwear Minnie (UK)
Tennis Minnie (4/00)
Tour Guide Minnie (DL)
Tradi-Cool Minnie (7/99)(UK)
Tropical Island Minnie (DFS)
Twirling Minnie (WDW)
US Mickey (WDW)
Wedding Minnie (UK)
White Minnie (WDW)
Winter Resort Minnie
Yukata Minnie (JPN)

Birthstone Minnies 
January Birthstone Minnie
February Birthstone Minnie
March Birthstone Minnie
April Birthstone Minnie
May Birthstone Minnie
June Birthstone Minnie
July Birthstone Minnie
August Birthstone Minnie
September Birthstone Minnie
October Birthstone Minnie
November Birthstone Minnie
.December Birthstone Minnie

Limited Editions 

Candlelight Minnie (DL)
Cast Member Minnie(UK)
Cast Member Minnie (JPN)
Cruise Minnie(Disney Wonder Cruise)
Passholder Minnie
Omaha Berkshire Minnie
Safari Minnie (DC)
Sailor Minnie (Disney On Ice-Disney Cruise

Holiday Editions 
2000 Chinese NY Minnie (HK)
Betsy Ross Minnie (5/00)
Chinese NY Minnie (HK)
Christmas Jester Minnie(JPN)
Christmas Jester Minnie 1999 (JPN)
Easter Best Minnie
Graduation 2000 Minnie(DL) (WDW)
Pilgrim Minnie (8/00)(WDW)
Santa Minnie (10/97) 
Santa Minnie 2000(JPN)(UK)
Sugar Plum Minnie (10/98) 
Valentine Minnie (1/98) 
Valentine Minnie 2000 (WDW)
Valentine Sweetheart Minnie 2001 (WDW)
Victorian Minnie(8/00)(WDW)
Witch Minnie (Paris)
Witch Minnie 2000

 Mickey's Friends

Mickey and Company Sets 
Millenium Hat Set
Baby New Years Donald
Father Time Goofy
Millenium Mickey

Silly Symphonies Set
Bandleader Mickey
Band Goofy
Band Clarabelle
Band Pig with trumpet

Goofy (O)(6/99)
00 Zero Goofy (4/00)
Astronaut Goofy 
Band Goofy (WDW)
Baseball Goofy (WDW)
Basketball Goofy(WDW)
Chef Goofy (DL) Limited edition
Chef Goofy 2000(DL)
Cowboy Goofy (DL)
Cruise Goofy (Disney Wonder Cruise)
Dapper Dan Goofy (DL)
DJ Goofy (3/00)
Disneyland 45th Anniversary Goofy
Don Juan Goofy (WDW)(DL)
Frontierland Sherriff Goofy (WDW)
General Goofy (UK)
Goofenstein (9/99)
Ghost of Marley Goofy (10/99)
Grad-Nite Goofy DL (5/99)
Grad-Nite Goofy WDW (5/99) 
Independence Day Goofy (WDW)
Jester  Goofy (DL)
Monochrome Goofy (JPN)
Mr Muscle Goofy(Paris)(4/01)
New Year's Goofy 2001 (DL)
Norway Goofy  
Pilgrim Goofy (8/00)(WDW)
Pirate Goofy (DL/WDW)
Plastic Eye Goofy ( DL)
Sailor Goofy (Disney Cruise)
St Patrick's Day Goofy (WDW)
Santa Goofy(DL)
Saxophone Goofy (Paris)
Scottish Goofy
Sir Goofalot (UK)
Ski Goofy (8/00)(Paris)
Spaceman Goofy-
  Tomorrowland  Goofy  8/98 (12/98)
Surfer Goofy (DTS)
Turkey Goofy
Uncle Sam Goofy (6/99)

Pluto (O) (6/99)
70th Anniversary Leather Pluto
Astronaut Pluto (8/00)(UK)
All Fur Pluto(Toyko)
Band Pluto (WDW)
Chef Pluto(DL)

Dapper Dan Pluto (DL)
Disneyland 45th Anniversary Pluto(DL)
Europe Paris Pluto (Paris)
Firedog Pluto(3/00)
Frontierland Pluto (WDW)
Golf Pluto (5/00)(UK)
Horse Pluto (UK)
Monochrome Pluto (JPN)
Plastic Eye Pluto
Reindeer Pluto (10/97)(WDW)
Retro Pluto (JPN)
Skeleton Pluto (Paris)
Tomorrowland Pluto 8/98 (12/98)
Tennis Pluto (UK)
Turkey Pluto

65th Ann.
Donald Through the Years Hat Set  
Mr Duck Steps Out,
Wise Little Hen
Beanstalk Donald
Hawaiian Holiday Donald

Donald Duck 

Donald Duck (12/98)
65 Anniversary Leather Donald
Astronaut Donald (8/00)(UK)
Furry Donald (Toyko)
Band Donald (WDW)
Bathfloater Donald (UK)
Birthday Donald (JPN)
Counselor Donald(UK)
Cruise Donald (Disney Wonder Cruise)
Dapper Dan Donald (Passholders Only)
Disneyland 45th Anniversary Donald
Donald as Mickey
Father's Day Donald (UK)(4/00)
Frontierland.Indian Chef Donald (DL/WDW)
Golfing Donald UK (5/00)
Hockey Donald (8/00)(Paris)
Indian Donald (CAT)
Jumping Donald w/sound
Mexican Donald (WDW)(DS)
Monochrome Donald (JPN)
Percussion Donald(Paris)
Pirate Donald(DL)
P.K.Donald (Italy)
Plastic Eye Donald(WDW)
Retro Donald (JPN)
Sailor Donald (Disney Cruise)
Samson Donald (UK)
South American Donald Mexican (Paris)
Spaceman Donald (DS)-
   Tomorrowland Donald   8/98 (12/98)
Summer Kimono Donald(JPN)
Tennis Donald
Wizard Donald (UK)
World Cup Soccer Donald (UK)
Yukata 2000 Donald (JPN)

Daisy Duck
Daisy (12/97)(12/98)
Delilah Daisy (UK)
Flower Power Daisy (WDW)

Frontierland Indian Daisy (DL/WDW)
Furry Daisy (JPN)
Tomorrowland  Daisy11/98 (12/98) DL

Donald's Nephews
Huey (Wrong)(2/98)(9/98)
Huey (Right)(4/98) (9/98)
Indian Scout Huey (WDW)
Louie (Wrong)(2/98)(9/98)
Louie (Right)(4/98)(9/98)
Indian Scout Louie (WDW)
Dewey (Wrong)(2/98)(9/98)
Dewey (Right)(4/98)(9/98)
Indian Scout Dewey (WDW)

Chip (2/98)(12/98)
African Chip (Paris)
China Chip

Frontierland Indian Chip (DL/WDW
Furry Chip (JPN)


Dale (2/98)(12/98)
China Dale (WDW)
Frontierland Indian Dale (DL/WDW)
Furry Dale (JPN)

Ebenezer Scrooge (10/99)
Frontierland Outlaw Pete (WDW)

Winnie the Pooh 

Winnie the Pooh 
.Pooh (O)
21st Century Pooh (UK)
Aquarius Pooh
Aries Pooh(3/01)
Aviator Pooh (UK)
Baseball Pooh (6/99)
Bathfloater Pooh (UK)
Boa Bear Pooh(JPN)
Bumblebee Pooh (5/98)
Butterfly Pooh (3/00)
Camping Pooh(UK)(4/01)
Capricorn Pooh
Chef Pooh
Choir Angel Pooh
Choo-Choo Pooh (11/98)(6/99)
Classic Pooh  (1/98)(6/99)
Clock Pooh (HK)
Country Garden Pooh(UK)
Courting Pooh
Cowboy Pooh
Dragon Pooh (JPN) 4 colors
Dream Pooh (UK)
Drum Major Pooh (CAT)
Eskimo Pooh(UK)
Feng Shui Pooh(CAT)
Fisherman Pooh (9/99)
Fireman Pooh
Fisherman Pooh
Flower Pooh
Flower Power Pooh(2/01)
Frontier Pooh (UK)
Fort Wilderness Pooh (WDW)
Fortune Pooh (JPN)
Furry Winter Pooh
Golfing Pooh (WDW)
Grad-Nite Pooh (5/98)(DL)
Graduation Pooh (5/98)(WDW)
Grad Pooh w/gift box
Grad Pooh 2001 (DL)
Gemini Pooh
Happi Pooh 1999 (JPN)
Happi Pooh 2000 (JPN)
Hockey Pooh
Insect Pooh(HK)
It's A Boy Pooh(UK)
It's A Girl Pooh(UK)
Jester Pooh (UK)
Jester Pooh 2001 (Toyko)
Jumpin' Giggle Pooh (7/99)
Knight Pooh
Knotty Pine Pooh (UK)
Lake Resort Pooh (WDW)
London Pooh
Mega Pooh
Musical Rose Pooh
Nautical  Pooh (5/99)
New Pooh
New Flower Pooh YELLOW (2/00)
New Flower Pooh BLUE (JPN)
New Flower Pooh PINK (JPN)
Nightshirt Pooh (UK)
Nursery Pooh
Paris Pooh (Paris)
Picnic Pooh (5/99)
Pisces Pooh(2/01)
Pilot Pooh (7/98)(6/99)
Pirate Pooh(UK)(DS)No Parrot
Playground Pooh
Pooh as Tigger (UK)
Pooh With Love (UK)
Raincoat Pooh (UK)
Ranger Pooh (DL)
Robin Hood Pooh (8/00)
Slammer Pooh UK (4/00)
Sleepwear Pooh (Canada)
Sound Pooh
Spring Pooh(UK)(4/01)
Spring Chick Pooh(UK)
Sunflower Pooh
Summer Fun Pooh (Watermelon)(UK)
Super Love Pooh (UK)
Sushi Pooh (JPN)
Egg, Octopus, Prawn, Salmon Roe,
Sea Urchins
Taurus Pooh
Three Musketeers Pooh (UK)
Weightlifting Pooh
Wilderness Lodge Pooh (WDW)
Winsurfing Pooh (Australia)
Winnie the Pooh Ball
Wishes Pooh (UK)

One Day Limited Editions 
1. Pooh and Piglet Friendship Set
Distributed  DS August 1, 1999 only
2.Snowflake Sweater Pooh (11/98)
3.Winter Sweater Pooh

Japan Lucky Cats Pooh
These are NOT MBBP 
*Black-Good Fortune
*Red-Success in Career
Japan Lucky Rabbits Pooh

Holiday Editions 
10 Birthday Pooh (UK)
4th Of July Pooh (WDW)
Baby's First Christmas Pooh(UK)
Bat Pooh (UK)
Bee Pooh (8/00)(WDW)
Bunny Pooh 2000 Pink (AUS)
Bunny Pooh 2000 Blue (AUS)
Blue Bunny Pooh(UK)(4/00)
Pink Bunny Pooh (UK) (4/00)
Chinese NY Pooh (HK)
Christmas Tree Pooh(JPN)
Christmas Tree Sweater Pooh (JPN)
Easter Lavender Pooh (2/98) 
Easter Pooh,Ears Only (2/98)(DL/WDW)
Easter Bunny Pooh 1999 (2/99)
Easter Fun Pooh 2001 (WDW)
Easter Bonnet Pooh (2/01)
Easter Dragonfly Pooh(UK)(3/01)
Father Time Pooh
Firefly Pooh (1/00)
Flower/Mother's Day Pooh (5/99)
Hanukkah Pooh (10/98)
Heart Card Pooh(UK)
Heart Sweater Pooh (1/99)
Millennium Bug Pooh(UK)
Mother's Day Pooh (JPN/UK)
October Fest Pooh (10/99)
Pilgrim Pooh
Pooh as Eeyore (CAT)
Pooh as Kangaroo(8/00)(JPN)
Pooh as Scarecrow(8/00)(JPN)
Pooh as Witch(8/00)(JPN)
Pooh in Reversible Egg(UK)(4/01)
Pooh in Reversible Heart(UK)(4/01)
(Happy Birthday)
Prisoner Of Love Pooh
Pumpkin Pooh (8/98)
Pumpkin Pooh 2000(8/00)(UK)
Pumpkin Pooh Zip UP (UK)
Reindeer Pooh (10/99)
Santa Pooh (9/97) 
Santa Pooh (full suit)(UK)
Santa Pooh with Green Scarf
Santa Pooh (9/00)(WDW)(UK)
Santa Pooh W/Presents (Paris)
Skeleton Pooh (Paris)
St David's Day Pooh(WELSH)(UK)(2/01)
St George's Day Pooh(UK)(4/01)
St Patrick's Day Pooh (UK)
Snowman Pooh (10/98)
Valentine Pooh 1998
Valentine Pooh 1999(UK)
Valentine Card Pooh (UK)
White Easter Rabbit Pooh(UK)(4/01)
Year of the Dragon Pooh(JPN)
      Later released 
      white,blue and pink versions
Year of the Rabbit Pooh (12/98) 
Witch Pooh


Chinese Pooh(4/01)
Hawaiian Pooh(4/01)
Mexican Pooh(4/01)
Moroccan Pooh(4/01)
Russian Pooh(4/01)
Scottish Pooh(4/01)

Banana Pooh(3/01)
Grape Pooh(3/01)
Melon Pooh(3/01)
Pear Pooh(3/01)
Strawberry Pooh(3/01)

Japan Little Stars

Blue Bird
Blue Bunny
Blue Leopard
Blue Reindeer
Blue Penguin
Cake Pooh
Clown Pooh
Cow Pooh
Dalmation Pooh
Devil/Jester Pooh
Giraffe Pooh
Green Hebi Snake Pooh
Lamb Pooh
Brown Leopard Pooh
Lion Pooh
Melon Pooh(4/01)
Mochi Pooh
Monkey Pooh(2/01)
Panda Pooh
Pear Pooh(4/01)
Peach Pooh(4/01)
Pineapple Pooh
Pink Angel Pooh
Pink Bunny Pooh
Pink Hebi Snake Pooh
Pink Leopard Pooh
Pumpkin Pooh
Squirrel Pooh
Strawberry Pooh(4/01)
Tigger Pooh
White Rabbit Pooh

UK Little Stars
Penguin Pooh
Leopard Pooh
Cow Pooh
Lion Pooh
Panda Pooh

US Little Stars
Angel Pooh
Bee Pooh
Cow Pooh
Frog Pooh
Lamb Pooh
Pink Bunny Pooh
Leopard Pooh
Zebra Pooh

Pooh's Friends 

.Piglet (O)
Bat Piglet (UK)
Bathfloater Piglet
Butterfly Piglet (DL)
Chef Piglet(UK)
Choir Angel Piglet
Classic Piglet (12/97)(6/99)
Cowboy Piglet
Dream/Angel  Piglet (UK)
Easter Egg Piglet(2/99)
Easter Dragonfly Piglet(UK)(3/01)
Elf Piglet (CAT)
Eskimo Piglet(2/01)
Fierce Piglet(UK)(4/01)
Flower Power Piglet(2/01)
Fortune Piglet (JPN)
Furry Winter Piglet (Tokyo)
Happi Piglet (JPN)
Judo Piglet
Ladybug Piglet (DL)
Little John Piglet (UK)
New Piglet
Piglet as Tigger (UK)(CAT)
Pirate Piglet(UK)
Pumpkin Piglet (9/98)(UK)
Simply Piglet (UK)
Snowball Piglet (UK)
Sound Piglet
Tennis Piglet (Australia)
Valentine Piglet (1999)(UK)
Western Style Piglet(8/00)(JPN)

Japan Little Stars
These are not MBBP
1/2 Beans 1/2 Plush

Lamb Piglet
Leopard Piglet
Lion Piglet
Panda Piglet
White Rabbitt Piglet


Eeyore (O)
4th of July Eeyore (WDW)
Bathfloater Eeyore (UK)
Boxing Eeyore
Butterfly Eeyore
Camping Eeyore(UK)(4/01)
Catcher Eeyore (4/00)
Choir Angel Eeyore
Christmas Tree Eeyore
Classic Eeyore(12/97)(6/99)
Clown Eeyore (WDW)(8/00)
Chef Eeyore(UK)
Cowboy Eeyore (5/00)
Cupid Eeyore (1/99)
Dinosaur Eeyore (8/98)
Dream AngelEeyore(1999)(UK)
Easter Bonnet Eeyore (2/01)
Easter Dragonfly Eeyore(UK)(3/01)
Eeyore as Pooh (CAT)
Eeyore as Tigger (UK)
Eeyore Ball
Eeyore in Distress(UK)(4/01)
Eskimo Eeyore(UK)(2/01)
Fireman Eeyore
Flower Power Eeyore
Friar Tuck Eeyore (8/00)
Graduation Eeyore (5/99)
Grad Eeyore w/gift box
Grey Eeyore (WDW)
Kayaking Eeyore (Australia)
London Eeyore (London)
Love Bug Eeyore (1/00)
New Eeyore
Paris Eeyore (Paris)
Pirate Eeyore(UK)(4/00)

Ranger Eeyore (DL)
Reindeer Eeyore (10/97)
Santa Eeyore (10/99) 
Simply Eeyore (UK)
Sound Eeyore (3/00)
Sugar Plum Eeyore (10/98)
Super Love Eeyore (UK)
Three Musketeers Eeyore (UK)
Valentine Eeyore 2001 (WDW)
Wizard Eeyore (UK)
Witch Eeyore(8/00)(UK)
Zorro Eeyore

Pumpkin Basket Set 2000 (Paris)
Wheelbarrow Halloween Set (CAT)

Tigger (O) 
4th of July Tigger
A'Dale Tigger (UK)(8/00)
April Tigger
Baseball Tigger
Bathfloater Tigger(UK)
Boxing Tigger
Broom Tigger(8/00)(UK)
Butterfly Tigger (DL)
Chef Tigger (UK)
Chinese NY Tigger (HK)
Choir Angel Tigger
Christmas Tree Tigger (UK) (12/97)(6/99)
Classic Tigger 
Count Dracula Tigger (UK)
Cowboy Tigger (2/00)
Cupid Valentine Tigger 2001(DL)
Cycling Tigger(Australia)
Devil Tigger
Dragon Fly Tigger (DL)
Easter Fun Tigger (WDW)
Easter Dragonfly Tigger(UK)(3/01)
Eskimo Tigger(UK)
Father's Day Tigger (UK)
February Valentine Tigger
Fencing Tigger
Fishing Tigger
Fort Wilderness Tigger (WDW)
Fortune Tigger (JPN)
Golfing Tigger
Grad Tigger w/gift box
Grad-Nite Tigger DL(5/99)
Grad-Nite Tigger WDW (5/99)
Happi Tigger (JPN)
Heart Tale Tigger (UK)
January Tigger
Jester Tigger (UK)
Knotty Pine Tigger (UK)
Lake Resort Tigger (WDW)
London Tigger(London)
Mad Scientist Tigger (8/98)
March Tigger(CAT)(2/01)
May Tigger
Motorcycle Tigger
New Tigger
Paris Tigger (Paris)
Pirate Tigger
Playground Tigger
Ranger Tigger (DL)
Reindeer Tigger (UK)
Santa Tigger with Green Scarf(10/97)(WDW)
Santa Tigger 1998 (UK)
Santa Tigger 2000 (CAT)
Sir Pounce A Lot Tigger(UK)(4/01)
Simply Tigger (UK)
Skeleton Tigger (Paris)
Skeleton Tigger 2000 (WDW)
Sound Tigger
Spring Tigger(UK)(4/01)
St Patrick's Day Tigger (3/99)
Super Love Tigger
Teacher Tigger
Three Musketeers Tigger (UK)
Tigger as Dinosaur (8/00)(JPN)
Tigger as Piglet (CAT)
Tigger as Pooh
Tigger On A String (3/00)(UK)
Wilderness Lodge Tigger(WDW)

Other Pooh Friends 

Gopher (6/98) (6/99)
Easter Bunny Gopher(2/99)

Owl (3/98)
Furry Chested Owl (WDW)

Rabbitt  (2/98)

Christopher Robbin (4/98) (6/99)

Kanga (2/98) 

Roo (12/98)
Back to School Roo
Graduation Roo (5/00)
Roo as Tigger (UK)

Hunny Bee (CD) 
Heffalump #4 (3/99)
Woozle#2 (3/99)
Woozle#3 (3/99)


Cupid Mickey 
In Chocolate Heart(CAT)
Easter Thumper in Chocolate Egg (2/99)
Easter Flower In Chocolate Egg (CAT)
Mickey in Chocolate with Minnie
Pooh In Chocolate Heart 1999
Santa Mickey In Chocolate Tree (CAT)
Santa Pooh In Chocolate Tree
Santa Tigger (UK)

Country BearsJamboree
Teddi Bara
Liver Lips
Big Al

Epcot's Living Seas (WDW) 
Hammer Head Shark
Sea Fish
Sea Turtle
Seal Sound

It's A Small World
Alaska Boy (11/98)
African Boy(DL) (11/98)
Belgian Girl(DL) (11/98)
China Girl (11/98)
England Boy (11/98)
French Girl(DL)  (11/98)
Gondola Set (2000 Disneyana Convention)
Gypsy/ Mideast Girl (DL)(11/98)
Hawaiian Girl(DL) (11/98)
Pink Hippo (11/98)(DL/WDW)(6/99)
Holland Girl (11/98)
.India Girl(DL) (11/98)
Japan Girl (11/98)
Kangaroo (11/98)(DL/WDW)(6/99)
Mexico Boy (11/98)
Mexican Girl(DL) (11/98)
Native American Boy (DL)(11/98)
Rhino (11/98)(DL/WDW)(6/99)
.Sound Chinese Girl  (Paris)
Sound Dutch Girl (Paris)
Sound India Doll  (Paris)
Sound Native American Boy (Paris)
Sound Mexican Boy (Paris)
Zebra (11/98)(DL/WDW)(6/99)

Animal Kingdom 
Tree Frog (WDW)
Tyranosaurus   Rex

Animal Kingdom Sound (WDW)
Elephant Sound
Gorilla Sound
Hippo Sound
Leopard Sound
Lion Sound
Monkey Sound
Panther Sound
Rhino Sound
Tiger Sound
Zebra Sound

Haunted Mansion (DL) 

Hitchhiking Ghost #1
Hitchhiking Ghost #2
Hitchhiking Ghost #3

ABC Ball (NY Disney Stores)
Abominable Snowman (DL)
Cha Cha (Rainforest Cafe)
Graduation Cha Cha (Rainforest Cafe)
Santa Cha Cha (Rainforest Cafe)
Clutch Anaheim Angels
Clutch Away Uniform Anaheim Angels
Cruise Figment (Disney Beanie Report) 
Devil (Paris)
Disney Quest Eyeris
Disney Quest Rocket
Figment (WDW)  5/98 (9/98)
Parrot (WDCC) (3/00)
Pumpkin Man (Paris)
Scoop Anaheim Angels
Scoop Away Uniform Anaheim Angels
Skippy Alien Encounter (WDW)
Wild Wing Mighty Ducks
Wild Wing Sound Mighty Ducks
Wild Wing HolidayMighty Ducks (11/98)
Booster (Mighty Ducks)
Baby Booster (Mighty Ducks)
Witch (Paris)

Muppets (DL)
Kermit the Frog
Miss Piggy
Fozzy Bear
Rizzo Rat