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Mr Potato Head

Games from Disney's World of Wonders


Pooh Munchies

In this game, Pooh is in a beehive. 
He is trying to eat as much
honey as possible. But beware! 
The bees are after Pooh.

Count to 10 with Pooh
Counting and simple addition,
 great for little ones

Princess Beauty Parlor

Change the hair and Make-up of all your favorite Princess'

Pluto's Bone Hunt
Pick a tile to find Pluto's Bone
 but beware of snakes

Disney Match
In this game, you compete against Disney characters. In a table tennis type game.
Choose your match! Flounder vs Ariel, Snow White vs Cinderella, Peter Pan vs Tinkerbell, Mickey vs Minnie, Pooh vs Tigger, Alladin vs Hercules

Games from The Magic Carpet Disney Homepage

Who wants to be a Villain? Game

Answer up to 15 Disney Villains trivia questions working your way up a ladder of points. Answer the million point question and earn your place as a Disney Villain!  Of course, there are 3 options of help along the way: The Villainous audience is standing by, Cruella de Vil is always by the phone, and you can also have the computer narrow it down for you to a 50/50 chance. However, these avenues of help can only be used ONCE during the game.  Be careful, as villains are known for their trickery. 

NOTE: This game uses JAVASCRIPT. Please make sure your browser is javascript compatible and enabled.


You must take the role as Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's faithful companion, to free Pinocchio from his cage in Stromboli's Wagon. However, the only way to free Pinocchio is by guessing the secret password which opens the lock. You will be given the number of letters in this secret password, but you must uncover the complete word letter by letter. With each passing mistake, Pinocchio will tell a lie and his nose will grow longer. Once it sprouts leaves, it will summon the attention of Stromboli and he will capture Pinocchio. You may make up to six mistakes in guessing the password. To make it a little easier, you are given a hint. Of course, every password is based on a Disney theme. The more letters you guess correctly, and the least amount of mistakes you make, the higher your score. With 180 different passwords in our Disney database, it will constantly be changing.

Cinderella Crosswords

Fill in the entire crossword puzzle below and then hit the button labeled "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" to check your answers. All your answers MUST BE TYPED IN UPPERCASE and be sure to note when answers go backwards or upwards within the squares. The ACROSS questions are numbered from top to bottom and left to right. The DOWN questions are numbered from left to right and top to bottom.

Games from Judith's Disney Page

Pooh Slide Puzzle
Scramble the picture and then slide
the pieces to reconstruct the puzzle

Find the differences
Find 7 differences in the picture
of Pooh and his friends

Disney Memory Game