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Just the Basics

There are several different versions of Disney Beanies, This Page was mainly designed to simplify and help determine the differences between the original versions and the versions currently available. It is a shortened version, just to explain the BASIC differences. I don't get into UPC codes, the different manufacturers or the several different current versions. 
Thanks to Michelle for pointing out that this chart is NOT accurate.
PLUTO was one of the Original 13, NOT DONALD.
Which proves my point, as to the confusion of Disney Beanies.
After further research, I have come up with a small history which
might explain my error. 
The original "test market" mini bean bags started in up to 
30 Disney Stores (with Disney Store tags) and 
included 11 "test market" mini bean bags.
Pluto, Sebastian, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh.
Shortly after they added Mickey and Minnie 
Next Disneyland Theme Park, California introduced 
11 "test market" bean bags.
Mickey, Minnie Piglet, Pluto,Tigger,Winnie the Pooh.
And later added DONALD.(12th)
Donald was not at the Disney Stores.
And Disneyland did not have Flounder and Sebastian.
A full launch began September 1997

mickyv.jpg (15942 bytes)
The original Mickey has white 
around his eyes,
 and no black
on his mouth.

minniev.jpg (17534 bytes) 
The original Minnie has white
around her eyes, 
and no black
on her mouth. 

Donaldv.jpg (14649 bytes)

The original Donald has a larger collar and the hats are different.

poohv.jpg (16633 bytes) 
The original Pooh has a hardnose

and padded feet. There were
2 other ones,
1 had a soft nose
the other a hard nose, 
but neither have the padded feet.

tiggerv.jpg (15868 bytes) 
The original Tigger has a  straight tail and fewer stripes.

Pigletv.jpg (14106 bytes) 
The original Piglet 
has padded feet.


eeyorev.jpg (14868 bytes) 
The original Eeyore
 was smaller and the fabric was more plush.


The original Pluto said 9" on the tag. The 2nd one has no size.


The original dalamatian has 101 on the collar. 
A V on his nose, 
no spots on his stomach.. 


The original Sebastian has a seam down the shell.

flounderv.jpg (14074 bytes) 
The original Flounder is smaller and deeper plush material.

dopeyv.jpg (13300 bytes) 
The original Dopey says
BEANBAG as 1 word 
on the tag.

The original Grumpy says
BEANBAG as 1 word on the tag

Images on this page were taken from  Dustie

Unfortunately that page is 
no longer published

Original stuffed fuller,
had a smaller head and 
said 9". 2nd had no size,and no beans in arms or legs.
This info came from
 my MOM
The family Disney version expert.)